The art of matter
and colors

160 years of experience in the finishing industry

Crouvezier Développement has been a textile finishing company for more than six generations. It's located in Gérardmer, in the Vosges, in France, and has been labelled Vosges Terre Textile. Over the years and thanks to the various investments and innovations made, Crouvezier Développement has developed techniques and machinery to meet the expectations and specifications of its customers. 

Crouvezier Développement is able to carry out the entire finishing process in its factory, from bleaching to printing, including dyeing, finishing and coating.

160 years of experience

Crouvezier Développement enjoys a rich history of more than 160 years, producing consistent quality and perfecting its knowhow. As such, our company aims to deliver the best service to its clients, taking high quality and proximity to the client at its core.

People and machines

Innovation has always been a driving force in the company, hence a constant investment in both machinery and human resources.

Labels / Certifications

In order to provide an ethical and environmentally friendly approach, the company has the following labels : Vosges Terre Textile, France Terre Textile, OEKO-TEX and GOTS.


As we sincerely believe in carrying for the environment, we have invested for more than 30 years in purification facilities and energy optimization systems.

Our Know-how

As a finishing company, we are in the heart of the textile industry. With the family know-how passed down through the generations, we offer different fields of expertise:

Préparation des supports

Fabric pre-treatment

The art of textile material!
After the fabric leaves the loom, the fabric needs to be prepared. Crouvezier Développement specialises in the following pre-treatments : singeing, desizing, bleaching and washing.


Fabric coloration

The art of colour!
Crouvezier Développement specialises in various dyeing techniques :
- dyeing by reactive , vat and direct dyes for cellulose based fabrics (such as cotton, linen, hemp...) ;
- dyeing by disperse dyes for polyester.


Fabric printing

Bringing colours to life!
Crouvezier Développement has two printing processes : traditionalrotary screen printing anddigital printing via its UP'Textile branch.


Fabric finishing

Enhancing the material!
Crouvezier Développement can finish your fabrics according to your needs. The finishing completes the fabric's performanceand gives it special functional properties including the final "touch" .


Our sectors

With its comprehensive range of services, Crouvezier Développement covers many sectors of activity. Whether you are a buyer/reseller, a workshop, a designer, an industrialist, ..., feel free to send us your requirements.

Household linen

Sheets, duvets, dishcloths, tablecloths, ...


Stands, theatre decorations, ...


Sportswear, hospital clothing, technical clothing, ...

Other sectors

Crouvezier Développement adapts to your needs.

Discover our digital printing branch!

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