Des Hommes et des machines​

Meeting the challenge of technological change requires appropriate equipment and personnel. 

Crouvezier Développement has always played the innovation card and invested in both machinery and human resources. 

Today, more than 50 employees, trained within the company, have acquired a level of knowledge in the field of textiles that allows them to evolve within the company in a motivating way, to work with technologically developed equipment. Thanks to them, the quality, speed and cost of treatments are improved. 

In the company, there are many different trades, each with its own know-how. 

It is important to know that there are no more schools for these professions. The employees therefore learn on the spot thanks to the transmission of know-how within the company. 

Crouvezier Développement has a fleet of around fifty machines which enables it to ensure a daily production of around 120,000m. In this machine park, we find for example: 

- a continuous bleaching machine (up to 3.20m); 

- dyeing machines (jigger and pad-batch up to 3.20m);

- three drying and finishing stenters;

- a large width single-colour coating and printing machine;

- a 12-colour rotary screen-printing machine (up to 1.80m);

- two digital printing machines, one for polyester, the second for cellulosic fibres (up to 3.20m); 

- a raising machine (up to 2.80m);  

- an emerising machine (up to 2.80m);  

- a sanfor, pre-shrinking machine (up to 2.80m);  

– une calandre (allant jusqu’à 3,30m) ; 

- as well as machines for conditioning the fabrics on pallets or rolls.