La préparation des supports :
The art of matter

The first step when the fabric leaves the loom is the pretreatment of the fabric. Crouvezier Développement specialises in the following pre-treatments: 

- singeing;

- desizing;

- bleaching;

- washing. 


Singeing consists in burning off projecting fibres, without damaging the fabric, in order to obtain a smooth surface and minimise pilling. This technique is commonly used on natural fibre fabrics and synthetic and natural fibre blend fabrics. 

Desizing and Scouring

The warp yarn is coated by a ‘size’ before the weaving step to protect it from the abrasion and prevent the yarn from breakage and damage. The presence of size on the fabric makes it stiff and complicates the dyeing and finishing processes. Therefore, the fabric needs to be desized, meaning that the ‘size’ coating is removed. 

Scouring is conducted simultaneously in order to remove foreign matters and impurities adhering to the fibres. 


The purpose of bleaching is to remove natural colouring matters with the production of a pure white material. 


This step consists of cleaning the fabric of any excess chemical residues from the previous steps.