L'impression :
Bringing colours to life!

Crouvezier Développement has two distinguish printing processes: 

  • Traditional rotary screen printing
  • Digital printing via its UP' Textile branch

Rotary screen-printing

Print paste is applied onto the fabric through the design areas of the rotary screen. This technique is very precise and only one colour can be printed by screen. 

Crouvezier Développement can print with up to 12 different colours. 

Impression cadre rotatif

Digital printing

For digital printing, Crouvezier Développement has two printing processes, one for natural fibre fabrics and one for synthetic fibre fabrics:

  • Sublimation/Transfer printing for polyesters: 

Printing is done on paper with sublimable inks that have the ability to migrate from the paper surface to the fabric through a calender step, with a defined temperature and pressure. 

  • Ink-jet printing with reactive dyes for cellulosic fibres (cotton, linen, hemp, viscose, ...)

Printing is done directly on the fabric and fixated in following steps. Digital printing is an interesting technique because it allows to produce small series in a short time and therefore allows a great reactivity. 

You can create a design on computer and it will be directly printed on the textile, without any limit of colours and patterns: it is possible to print large patterns with great accuracy!