La web-série, saison 2, de Vosges Terre Textile

After a season 1 in 2017, Vosges Terre Textile will be broadcasting every Friday in February 2020, an episode of its new season of 4 episodes lasting a maximum of one and a half minutes. 

This season 2, entitled "Echappez-vous" (Escape), covers the classics of cinema: science fiction, action films, fantasy and docu-concert. 

Why this web-series? 

Its aim is to highlight the "Vosges Terre Textile" label and its Textile Route as well as the many jobs that can be found in the textile industry. 

Who are the actors?

All the actors are amateurs, employees of the Vosges textile companies. They are workers, workshop managers, salesmen or CEOs. 

To know more about the 4 episodes 

Episode 1: #Déchaîné (Unleashed)

Summary : Saint-Maurice-sur-Moselle, one summer afternoon: Annabelle is hiding in the woods, trying to escape from a serial killer. Suddenly, the killer finds her, how is she going to escape from him ? 

Episode 2: #Attraction Terrestre (Land Attraction)

Summary : Vagney, one autumn night: a flying saucer lands on the parking lot of a factory on the textile road. Its passengers scan its QR Code and a word escapes them "Textile"... What are they up to via the Textile Route?

Episode 3: #Vosges Connection

Summary: Banque de Finance, shortly before noon: Valérie, a bank employee, sounds the alarm as a pair of masked and armed to the teeth robbers rob the safe. The police officers are already on the spot ... Will the bandits manage to escape?

Episode 4: #Contre Temps (Against Time)

Summary: Épinal, on stage at the Souris Verte: the musicians of the band Contre-Temps play the introduction of their first piece. The audience is on fire and is chanting the name of the star singer. They came to escape from their daily life but the singer is a little too long to wait ...

And to see season 1, go to the YouTube channel of Vosges Terre Textile! chaîne You Tube de Vosges Terre Textile !

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