It all started with one observation: how to distinguish the Vosges textile producers who combine know-how, local tradition, innovation and passion with the brands, known as Vosges, which no longer have anything of Vosges.

In 2008, the ''Syndicat Textile de l'Est'' was created to establish the first ''AOC Industrielle'' (Industrial AOC). The objective was to work on a "Company" and "Product" reference system in order to guarantee the "Made In Vosges" origin to consumers. To build these standards, the entire manufacturing chain is taken into consideration; 75% of the manufacturing stages must obligatorily be carried out in the Vosges. This is done in compliance with environmental and social conditions with a view to preserving know-how and tradition.

It’s in 2011 that the label "Vosges terre textile" comes out of the ground. Result: 90% of the sector adheres to it.

Other regions have adhered to the principle and have therefore followed the movement, such as Alsace terre textile.

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